The Importance of Reliable Haulage

12th November, 2020

The UK economy is dependent upon having a reliable and efficient haulage network, with specific focus on road haulage. With 89% of goods transported by land in Great Britain going by road, including 98% of our food and agricultural products, it is easy to see why reliable road haulage is an essential part of a successful business. Put simply, if you are going to survive and thrive, you need to have a reliable haulage company backing you.

COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work. This year we have seen a big shift in the retail sector moving to online purchasing. The impact on the supply chain – both short and long term – has heightened that need to have a warehousing and haulage service you can trust.

You know how important it is to partner with a reliable haulage company. You need to be confident that your products, and customers, are going to be looked after, and receive the service that you want to deliver. The industry is fragmented and competitive, so you want to be confident you are working with the best and receiving the quality service you need. You want to be confident you are getting value for money and a reliable haulage service you can trust.

We, at Magnus Group, believe that we can offer you the reliable and quality service that you need. But don’t just take our word for it!

When looking at a haulage company, consider the following elements and ask yourself the questions:

Competitive edge – Delivery on time, in a professional manner, will enhance your reputation and keep you a step ahead of your competitors. Your customers will see your haulage partner as an integral part of your business so how they behave, deliver and manage has a direct impact on your relationship with your customer and your reputation. Can you trust your haulage company with your customers as well as your product?

Experts – you are an expert in your business and need to concentrate your efforts there. You need to work with experts in haulage and know that you don’t need to worry or get involved. It is far more cost-effective and better use of time to stick to your core business and outsource. Are you confident in your haulage company skills and expertise?

Reputation – you want a haulage company that has a great reputation and isn’t afraid to put you in touch with clients to talk about their experiences. Look at their client portfolio and length of relationships. Always a good indicator of service being delivered. Have you spoken to other clients?

Partnership – your relationship with your haulier is a partnership. They should want to, and become, an integral part of your team and company ethos. Being able to understand your strategy and approach means your haulage partner can protect your reputation, and deliver what you need. Are you working in a partnership approach?

History – having a proven track record speaks for itself. Choose a partner who has stood the test of time, and has experience across the region you are interested in, and the sector you work in. Has your haulier got experience?

Regulations – check out the quality of the warehouse, level of tech and suitability of the facilities. Arrange a site visit. Are your haulier’s facilities state of the art and well managed?

Flexibility – check the vehicle fleet and warehousing facilities. If your needs change, can your haulage partner meet your needs? Do they offer a freight forwarding service? Can they provide pallet distribution? If your storage needs change, can they provide the warehousing space? Can your haulier grow with you and support your changing needs?

We are confident we can tick everything on this list for you.

Paul Magnus Transport was established in the 1970s evolving into the Magnus Group in the 1990s. Ideally located close to the major Port of Felixstowe, with excellent road links to the Midlands, the North and London. We have been providing reliable haulage services for nearly 50 years. We offer full trailer loads, part load distribution, container and European trailer haulage giving you the flexibility you need. With 225,000 square feet of state-of-the-art warehousing, with 20,000 racked spaces, we can manage your warehousing and storage needs, freight forwarding and pallet distribution as well as road haulage.

We pride ourselves on being a family business with a team of industry experts heading up each division. We aim to provide transparent, excellent customer service, working in partnership with our clients. Our long-standing relationships, several over 16 years, reflects our ability to support our clients. We would love to invite you to have a look around our site, based at Great Blakenham, just outside Ipswich, and discuss how we can work together. If you would like to learn more or have a chat, please call us on +44 (0) 1473836600 or email

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