Marine Insurance

Magnus Group offers highly competitive cargo insurance through our marine insurance underwriters. We naturally take great care of your cargo, but accidents at sea can happen.

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Using our insurance services, you’ll only pay what you need, based on your shipments rather than an annual fee. Selecting a comprehensive cover gives you flexibility and offers cover for specific commodities.

Marine insurance spans any territory around the world, reflecting the global nature of your business.

Magnus Group has worked in the haulage and logistics field since 1973. Our excellent customer relations record speaks for itself. Trust us to deliver for you.


As is common in the logistics and supply chain industry, Magnus Group has limited liability insurance. However, that may not cover the value of your cargo. It’s up to you as the owner of the goods, to ensure you have adequate cover for any ocean-going journey.

You may, of course, have sorted out insurance independently. If not, let us take that administration off your hands. We’ll need only limited information from you to set it up.

Please contact us today to find out how easy it is to be covered for marine insurance while using our comprehensive ocean freight services.