The Benefits of Warehousing

12th October, 2020

Computerised stock control, large racked storage capacity, and a dedicated team makes Magnus Group’s 225,000 square feet of warehousing facilities very attractive across all sectors. Add in the location of just 15 miles from Felixstowe Port, with direct road links to London, the North and the Midlands, and it is no surprise that it attracts some of the biggest High Street names. Whether warehousing or a full logistics service, we excel in providing high-quality facilities and customer service to meet your needs.

Whatever your load, from pallets to unusual bulk items, we’ll be pleased to store it for you before it is to time for its journey to continue. If our location isn’t ideal, we have partner warehouse sites across the country.

But why consider warehousing at all?

If you are a business that imports, exports, or manufactures goods, then warehousing will help you save money and run your business more efficiently. Magnus Group offers a state-of-the-art warehousing facility ready to provide you with the ideal storage and distribution solution. The benefits for you are significant and worth considering. Here are just five reasons why you should talk to us about warehousing:

Inventory Management is vital to avoid late shipments, delayed order processing and stock running out. Our computerised systems will give you excellent inventory management. Warehousing will make sure you know immediately what you have in stock and how soon you can get it to the customer. A great way to improve your customer service and client relationships.

Products can be stored until the market demands them, whether that is due to seasonal demands, or economic shifts. Instead of being forced to sell products off at a lower price, they can be stored until the price is right to re-enter the market place. By using warehousing to stabilise product price you are in a better position to forecast and plan your business.

Warehousing, such as that provided by Magnus Group, provides far more than storage. Picking, packing, relabelling, container devanning, palletisation: having everything in one place saves time, and money. You do not need to recruit and employ additional staff, or worry about seasonal fluctuations: we have it all covered.Having a warehousing service as part of your logistic supply chain gives you the flexibility to use as much or as little of the service, as and when you need it.

You experience higher profits. Improved inventory management, improved customer service, and price stabilisation will all lead to you realising higher profits. Not to mention the peace of mind these benefits also bring.

Why warehousing with Magnus Group? We have the technical functionality and expertise to manage end to end consumer requirements, providing you with a full logistics and transport service. We have a proven track record of building long term relationships based on our excellent customer service and ability to provide the full logistics package.

Based in Great Blakenham, Ipswich, not only do we have a great geographically placed hub for your transport and warehousing needs, but our facilities are second to none. With a dedicated and professional team to ensure your loads are packed, picked and shipped to meet your timescales, we can provide:

  • 225,000 square feet of space
  • 20,000 racked spaces
  • Storage of palletised and bulk cargo
  • Container devanning
  • Pick and pack
  • Barcode scanning
  • Palletisation, re-work, re-labelling, repackaging.We can help support you in reviewing how our logistic and warehousing service can help your business move forward. If you would like to know more about how Magnus Group can support you, we would love to have a chat or arrange a visit to our HQ near Ipswich. Call us on +44 (0) 1473836600 or email on
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