Meet Our People – Morgan Cocker

15th March, 2021

Morgan Cocker is not your average 18-year-old. He uses phrases like “work hungry” and is already clear about what his career path will be.

How did Morgan start working at Magnus Group?

Morgan works as an Operations Clerk for Magnus Group, based in their Felixstowe office. He went to school in Felixstowe and lives there with his Mum and Dad.

“I’ve always wanted to just get out and work,” says Morgan, “I knew A levels or college wasn’t the right path for me.” Morgan’s Mum and Dad both work in the Transport and Logistics industry. With their influence, and living in Felixstowe, looking to shipping for an apprenticeship was a natural step.

“I got an apprenticeship at a local shipping agency. It was a really small team but it was great to start to learn about the industry from people with experience,” explained Morgan, “But when covid hit, I was furloughed.”

Morgan continued with his apprenticeship studies whilst furloughed. Initially, he enjoyed the time at home. “It just felt like a holiday to start with,” remembers Morgan, “The weather was great, we had just got our first dog and I enjoyed the time at home but after a few months I was keen to get back to work.”

Whilst his position remained in furlough, Morgan was unclear about his future job security, so he started to look for other opportunities. When the position was advertised at Magnus Group in July 2020, Morgan had been on furlough for over three months and wanted to get back to work.

Morgan spent some time researching Magnus Group and liked the idea that it was a bigger company, and that he would have the opportunity to get involved in wider aspects of logistics.

The Felixstowe office opened in July, and Morgan joined them as an apprentice. Thanks to keeping up his study during furlough, he completed his apprenticeship in December 2020 and is now a fully employed member of the team.

An average day

When asked one word to describe his average day, Morgan would say “busy”. “Since Brexit, work has changed. I now spend most of my time on European freight, and it is definitely busier,” explains Morgan. “Dealing with freight forwarding at ports all around the UK and Europe, keeps the day varied and time flies”.

Morgan talks about his work and colleagues with real passion and drive. “Everyone here made me feel so welcome when I started, and tell me that they are proud of what I am achieving”, says Morgan “It makes a real difference when your colleagues and boss tells you that, and are prepared to give you trust and responsibility”.

The future

Morgan is clear that he intends to stay at Magnus Group and create a successful career in Freight Forwarding. “My parents always told me that the industry would give me a strong career path, and I hope that I can stay with Magnus Group for that to happen”.

Morgan turned 18 earlier this month: always tough to have a birthday in lockdown but possibly worse for it to be your 18th. His team threw him a surprise “party” in the office, with balloons and cake. Morgan was blown away by the thought and attention. Olly, CEO of Magnus Group, visited the Felixstowe office for the celebration and later posted a photo on LinkedIn. A client responded, sharing their surprise at his young age, along with the comment that he has provided “excellent support and advice over the past six months”.

With client feedback of that calibre, and being a well-respected member of the team, Morgan can be confident of a bright (green) future.


Things you don’t know about Morgan….

Morgan’s first job was – a paperboy.  He would deliver 30 papers 5 days a week for £10 a week. Despite the rate of pay, he loved it.

Morgan’s first record purchase – a bit of a cheat here as his Mum and Dad got it for him as a present but as it is such a class album, it has to be included: Oasis “What’s the story morning glory”.

Morgan spends his free time – playing the guitar, or listening to classics such as The Beatles.

Morgan’s first dog, who sadly passed away in 2020, was named Jarvis, after Jarvis Cocker.

Morgan originally wanted to be a Chef but listened to his Mum and Dad’s advice about looking at Shipping and Logistics for an apprenticeship: he says they tell him they are very proud of what he has achieved, and he knows he made the right decision.


Magnus Group is based just outside Ipswich, Suffolk, ideally placed to serve the Port of Felixstowe with direct road links to the Midlands, the North and London. If you would like to know more about our warehousing, transport or global forwarding teams call us on +44 (0) 1473836600 or email on


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