Freight Forwarding – what you need to know

7th April, 2021

A freight forwarder plays a vital role in ensuring the movement of goods worldwide.

Magnus Group Freight Forwarding team is based at Felixstowe. From our Felixstowe office, we organise shipments, packing, documentation, and customs clearance on behalf of importers and exporters. We can also arrange the onward journey by road or rail to the final UK destination.

What does a freight forwarder do?

A freight forwarder isn’t responsible for physically moving goods but instead act as the go-between for the shippers and carriers. They understand the rules and regulations for each country and can provide advice on requirements and documents to prevent delays in moving the goods.

One of the main functions of a freight forwarder is to arrange custom clearance of goods: in the UK that means dealing with the HMRC.

Benefits that using a Freight Forwarding specialist offers

We have trusted contacts and partners to provide efficiency: supply chain efficiency and cost-savings are our aims.

We have strong relationships through the supply chain to act as the intermediary between the manufacturer and the final customer, helping our clients maintain a high level of customer service.

We have experience of working with different countries, understanding their specific regulations and laws, as well as their working practices.

The documentation and legal requirements are complex, and unless done by an expert can cause delays and risk fines.

We provide customs advice to ensure the most appropriate tariff is incurred, the correct paperwork is completed and that goods are stored and moved appropriately.

We invest in relationships and connections allowing us to provide excellent customer service allowing our clients to concentrate on their core business and not worry about the movement of their cargo.

We provide one point of contact for the client should issues arise during the international movement of goods making it simple and easy for the client.

We can negotiate lower terms with carriers due to the volume that we manage.

By using our expertise we can help our clients be confident their goods will arrive on time and in excellent condition.

Why Magnus Group?

If you have goods that are being transported across the world as part of your business, you can benefit from using a Freight Forwarder. Magnus Group is a family business with a team of industry experts heading up each division. We aim to provide transparent, excellent customer service, working in partnership with our clients.

We treat every customer as an individual and tailor our service to suit you. Whether you need FCL (full container load), LCL (less than container load), a roll-on/roll-off service, breakbulk, out of gauge loads or air freight, we specialise in finding the best and most cost-effective solution.

We will look after your shipment from the moment you place your order to its arrival at the final destination.

Our team based in Felixstowe offer Customs brokering, inland clearance and documentation, with strong relationships and connections at all UK ports.

Our expert team has many years of experience in all aspects of Customs Clearance, including the Destin8 system and NES, the National Export System. We make it our priority to submit accurate and timely declarations to Customs on your behalf.

Our long-standing relationships, several over 16 years, reflects our ability to support our clients.

If you would like to learn more or have a chat, please call us on +44 (0) 1473836600 or email

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