Olly Magnus

Olly bought into Magnus Group Ltd in 2019. Since then, he has overseen a rapid transformation of Magnus Group into a leading player in transport, warehousing and freight forwarding. He leads from the top but places considerable emphasis on building a team and empowering them to grow with the business.

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About Olly

There is no doubt that Olly has earned his seat as CEO.

Magnus Group was founded by Olly’s father, Paul in 1973. Despite growing up in, and around Magnus Transport, Olly’s first “proper” job in the industry was not for his father’s company. He started his career at a global shipping line learning the import/export business. He then joined Magnus as a warehouse and transport coordinator, learning the details of the business from the ground up. With this invaluable experience and teaching, Olly then co-founded his own freight forwarding business which he successfully managed for 16 years.

Following Paul’s death in 2018, Olly decided the time was right to return to his roots. He sold his share in his own company and bought into Magnus, taking the company back under family control.

In 2019, Olly described his role as “turning the Titanic”. His aggressive two-year plan was a great success with Magnus Group achieving growth, the introduction of a successful new freight forwarding division and the creation of a strong senior team to lead the future.

Amazing Olly Facts

Olly wears his heart on his sleeve. Known for phrases such as “be kind” and “be kind on the way up, as you never know who you will meet on the way back down” (attributed to the teachings of his mother) he has become a bit of a LinkedIn legend for sharing his journey, and supporting others.

Is he Australian or is he Suffolk? Determined to have an office in Sydney one day, he attributes his open friendliness, ability to get on with anyone, cricket obsession and drinking skills to his Australian roots. Yet he is a true Tractor Boy and a loyal ITFC fan, having lived and worked in Ipswich (that’s the one in Suffolk, England - not the Ipswich in Queensland, Australia) his whole life. In 2021 Magnus Group became the West stand sponsor at Portman Road and Olly had the great honour of being invited to join the ITFC Community Trust Board.

Fun-loving, risk-taking, honest and living life at full speed.