Warehousing – the future

9th June, 2021

Warehousing has never been in such demand. Covid, and lockdown, saw a dramatic rise in emergency storage needs with the high street closed.  Brexit encouraged large retailers and manufacturers to stockpile to ensure their supply chain was not interrupted with the uncertainty of processes and procedures being introduced.

Consumer habits have influenced the need for warehousing. Consumers were moving towards online ordering, expecting quick delivery times, and product availability. Covid has escalated that shift, but has also brought an emphasis to “click and collect”.

Distribution centres and warehouses are now dealing with online and physical stores: all needing excellent stock control, and responsive service.

Whatever the size of a business, finding suitable warehouse space is vital. It allows goods to be produced quickly, and supply chains to be stable. You can read about the benefits of warehousing by clicking here.

What to look for in a warehouse?

You need to find a warehouse that meets your needs to maximise the benefits and that will depend on your business.

Location – do you want a warehouse close to a port? Do you want a warehouse that is close to your major clients to minimise onward travel costs and time?

Pallet Racking – do you want a warehouse that can maximise the storage of your pallets?

Special conditions – do you need temperature-controlled warehousing? High-grade warehousing? Bulk storage warehousing?

Customer Service – you need to be able to rely on your warehouse to maintain the quality of your product, the security of your product and provide excellent customer service as part of your supply chain.


What Magnus Group Ltd offers

Magnus Group Ltd, a logistics company, is based in Felixstowe and Ipswich, in Suffolk. With 225,000 square foot of warehousing in a state-of-the-art facility including over 20,000 racked spaces. The facility allows Magnus to support bulk warehousing needs and pallet storage and distribution.

Magnus Group’s transport division and the freight forwarding division, can support global clients, and ensure that products can be taken to their final destination whether that is national or international. As a 3pl freight distribution company and global forwarding company, Olly Magnus and his team have all their clients’ requirements covered.

Being located close to Felixstowe, with excellent road, rail, air and shipping links, Magnus’s warehouses are ideally located.  With nearly 50 years of experience, Magnus Group Ltd has a proven track record with excellent customer service and an outstanding reputation in the Logistic and Warehousing sector.


Mega Warehouses – the future

Magnus Group is very proud of its 225,000 square foot of warehousing but this is just the start. The changes in consumer behaviour, and retail supply chains, means that warehousing has needed to adapt. The mega-companies are demanding mega warehouses.

To give you an idea, the biggest warehouse in Britain is based in Scotland – a massive 1 million square feet. That is the equivalent of 14 football pitches. Staffed by a team of over 1000, with temporary staff supporting at peak times. It is of course for Amazon: a business that is reported to deal with a sale every 64 seconds.

Not far behind is the Morrison Supermarket chain Distribution centre in Sittingbourne. This is just one of six Distribution Centres for the supermarket giant, with this site being the largest at 900,000 square feet. The warehouse delivers to 86 stores within the area PLUS supports two nearby warehouses and their online fulfilment centres. All in all, this equates to around 231 stores.  An excellent example of how warehousing has adapted to suit consumer behaviour and improve efficiency for retailers.


Magnus Group is based just outside Ipswich, Suffolk, ideally placed to serve the Port of Felixstowe with direct road links to the Midlands, the North and London. If you would like to know more about our warehousing, transport or global forwarding teams call us on +44 (0) 1473836600 or email on commercial@magnusgroup.com. We advertise our warehousing jobs for Ipswich on our company website: if you would like to join our team, follow our LinkedIn company page and check out our website.



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