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24th November, 2020

With over 55 million timber pallet units produced in the UK each year, pallet distribution is the most popular form of moving items nationally and internationally.

What is pallet distribution? If you are new to pallet distribution or wondering whether it could work for your business, this will explain the benefits to you. If you have been using pallet distribution for a while and wondering why you should work with The Magnus Group you can skip down to the next paragraph.

Starting with the basics, a pallet can be used to hold goods securely and allow it to be moved as one unit. The pallet, in effect, becomes your “load” and it doesn’t matter whether it can be moved in the back of a van, or whether you have multiple pallets which will fill a lorry. It gives you, as a business, access to a freight network and a cost-effective way of delivering, and storing your goods. It opens up warehousing, storage and global forwarding options whatever the size of your business. Whether you are looking to deliver to UK customers or customers throughout the world, pallet distribution offers a cost-effective, efficient and safe way to deliver your product.

So how does it work? Pallets are collected locally and taken to a distribution warehouse. Here they are consolidated into routes to allow the most cost-efficient way of transporting the goods on the next stage of their journey. It means that a vehicle may have pallets from numerous companies in one load. Once grouped together, the pallets continue their journey – either direct to their final destination or via another distribution hub.

To keep costs low for you as a business, and to keep delivery times quick, logistic companies work within pallet distribution networks. This is a group of companies who work together to provide the transport, warehousing and distribution centres at various geographic points.

Here at Magnus Group we also offer warehousing services where you can store your pallets until you are ready to send out to your customer. The pallets are lifted and stored on specialist racking until you are ready to send them out via our pallet distribution network.

Why chose Magnus Group for your pallet distribution?

We are specialists in pallet distribution and have excellent resources with an experienced team. With nearly 50 years in the haulage business, our proven track record shows we know what we’re doing and provide a reliable service. We offer next day delivery or an economy service, for those products and clients which are less time-sensitive.

We take our client’s pallets, whether a full or part load, to the best distribution centre for the onward journey. Our lorries then return with pallets to be delivered in our area improving efficiencies. We can deliver and collect pallets across the UK and abroad.

As proud members of the Pall-Ex and Partnerlink networks, Magnus Group is part of the nation’s best and most efficient distribution hubs. We are located close to Felixstowe Port with excellent road links on the A12 and A14, making it an ideal position to serve all areas of the UK and Europe.

Magnus Group delivers exceptional service, ensuring your goods transfer to where you want them, fast. Named as the South East Regional Member of the Year by Pall-Ex, we set the highest standards and always look to add value for our customers.

If you would like to know more about how Magnus Group can support you, we would love to have a chat or arrange a visit to our HQ near Ipswich. Call us on +44 (0) 473836600 or email on



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