Martin Gomersall

Martin heads up the transport department, with the sole aim of providing a high-quality service whilst working in partnership with Magnus Group customers. Highly motivated, and continually striving for excellence, Martin has a focused approach combining his strategic and operational skills.

More Information

Group Operating Director

Martin joined Magnus in 2020 attracted by the challenge of developing and growing the family business. His first eighteen months included a worldwide pandemic, Brexit, and a driver shortage. And he has loved it! Martin thrives on a challenge and believes the sky is the limit for the Transport division at Magnus.

Martin has worked in logistics and transport since his early 20s building a formidable reputation and strong skill set. Martin has worked for international organisations as well as local family-run businesses, developing a network of trusted contacts.

About Martin

If you wonder where Martin’s accent comes from it’s a mix of being born in Yorkshire, raised in Suffolk, 15 years in Merseyside, and married to a lady from Durham!

From the age of 7, Martin dreamed of being in the Navy: even at that age Martin had the determination and motivation to achieve his dreams, and at 16 he left Suffolk to head to Plymouth to join the Navy. Martin became a radio operator and loved life in the Navy but after four years his dream was shattered with a medical discharge. On his return to Suffolk, he “fell” into a temporary job working for a freight company and has never looked back.

Martin enjoys walking, skiing, and running to keep active and fit. Martin and his wife frequently take part in local charity runs together.