Mark Oakley

Mark has a strong corporate background in logistics and warehousing. As managing director, Mark’s focus is on excellent customer service and delivering a professional service-driven growth path.

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Managing Director

Mark believes in working in partnership working with clients. He is successfully positioning Magnus Group as the professional warehousing and logistics partner of choice.

Mark keeps a steady rein on Magnus Group’s growth and development, ensuring that the strategic vision is always the goal. Bringing corporate awareness, Mark’s skill set is close to unique in the industry: a ground-up understanding of the industry, with strong business and leadership skills in all aspects of delivery. Whether commercial, marketing, customer relationships or staff welfare, Mark is results-driven and has the track record to prove it.

He believes in creating a business with strong processes and people to allow and encourage growth at a realistic and steady pace. His first twelve months at Magnus has been to review and underpin the processes and procedures, particularly in warehousing, to allow growth to happen.

His focus is on a long-term strategic plan utilising his skills in operational management, sales, negotiation, marketing and people management to deliver the right growth in the right areas at the right time.

About Mark

Words to describe Mark – professional, strategic, strong-minded, ethical and focused. Not afraid to step into the “bad cop” role to Olly’s “good cop”, he brings common sense and methodology to the constant idea generation coming out of Olly’s office! A perfect partnership many would say.

Mark’s background has taken him from Business Development through to Head of UK Operations with some major corporations in the industry. Magnus Group is his first family-run business and he is loving the different approaches that allow.

Mark is a rugby fan outside of work but now restricts his sporting prowess to a weekend round of golf. He loves spending quality time with family and friends.