A Day in the Life of a Warehouse Manager

25th January, 2021

Rick’s first response came as no surprise when asked if he could tell us about his typical day. In a fast-moving business that responds to clients’ needs, planned and unplanned, reactive measures are often needed meaning there is no such thing as a typical day.

Rick is part of the team responsible for 225,000 square foot of warehousing, including 20,000 racked spaces, across two warehouses.  With over 40 trucks, dealing with haulage and logistics from all over the world, Rick can never be 100% sure of what the day may throw at him.

Warehousing Magnus Group

The warehouse currently operates from 6 am to 8 pm, five days a week. There is a team of ten covering the shifts, supported by four admin staff. Rick tends to be in for around ten of those hours each day, and only leaves when he is confident he has cleared the day’s activity and hasn’t left anything hanging over to the next day.

“I tend to get in about 8 am and go straight to my emails to check whether anything has happened overnight I need to know about,” explains Rick. “Taking the time, with a cuppa, to check if there are any nasty surprises to deal with helps me to start the day on the front foot”.

Rick will then go and speak to the admin team, and his supervisors. They can then resolve any problems or issues together, and make sure that the day’s planned activities can run smoothly.  Whilst most activity can be planned, occasionally a client will need extra space, or an extra movement not previously allowed for, which needs to be dealt with. Located just outside Ipswich, in Suffolk, Magnus Group is close to Felixstowe port. This means as well as benefiting from excellent road links on the A12 and A14, they have a wide variety of clients from various industries.

Team Work #teammagnus

“We have a really strong team here,” says Rick, “Everyone talks to everyone else, and we all know what is going on, a

nd help out when someone needs extra support. I’ve got a brilliant team in the warehouse, as well as in the management structure above me.”

After Rick is comfortable that everyone is happy, and everything is in place for the day, he can get on with the more strategic part of his role. That may mean a meeting about a new contract, or speaking to a customer about their service delivery, or planning the next quarter’s activity.

Rick has been at Magnus Group for over 20 years. “You know you are happy at work and in the right place when you don’t mind getting up in the morning,” says Rick. His role, like the company, has changed considerably over the years. “There is a real family feel to the place. There’s no “us and them”. We all work together and the atmosphere is positive and friendly”. Rick explains that over the past eighteen months there have been considerable changes since Olly Magnus came on board as the CEO.

“Warehousing has gone from strength to strength. We have nearly doubled the size of our warehouse in the past eighteen months, and are now full. There is still work to do but it’s looking positive and is exciting to be part of it”, says Rick. “Olly has introduced a new momentum to the company. The place has been smartened up with new furniture and decoration, the trucks have got new livery, and new people have joined the team.  It makes it a great physical environment to be in, as well as a great team to be part of.”

If you would like to know more about how Magnus Group can support you, we would love to have a chat or arrange a visit to our HQ near Ipswich. Call us on +44 (0) 473836600 or email on commercial@magnusgroup.com.


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